Tuesday, May 10, 2011

to my mum

dear mum,

when i was asked to write a letter for today's blog week challenge, there was only one person i wanted to write to - you! my wonderful marmee.

there's no actual way i can ever express my gratitude for all you've done in helping me with my diabetes. it's so vast, and extremely immeasurable.

you've been the one person who understands most what i go through every single day, and you are always so gracious towards me when i'm feeling bad or in the hyper blues.

you battled hard to get me an insulin pump when no-one else had one, because you knew it would be the best answer towards getting better control. you've taken me to uncountable doctor's appointments in far away cities, and you've shouldered so much worry and concern about my health.

i feel so bad that it's taken me so long to realise how much you've done for me - because you've always been so modest about it. perhaps you've seen it as your parental responsibility...but not all parents out there would look after their diabetics in the way you have me. you've checked my level in the middle of the night about a thousand times, and been patient with me when i've been angry, you've eaten the same food as me, you go for walks with me to help me get more exercise. you even bought a dog so that i would have to go for walks more often ;)

you taught me how to look after myself, and how to stay positive. you sorted out supplies and teacher information on school trips, and left work to come sort out broken infusion sets. you make sure i've BG tested, bolused and injected, because you know how forgetful i can be. and you encourage me every day to keep trying. you are so utterly selfless, it amazes me.

do you remember that time i came back from tutoring and i was actually in tears with flowers in my hand? well, it's because it wasn't enough. there's no way i can say how appreciative i am of what you do for me.

ok, well, marmee, i may have cried my whole way through writing this letter to you, because i always get overwhelmed with how marvellous you are, and just HOW much you do for me! but i suppose like mother, like daughter, heh?

you know we've been talking about the proverbs 31 woman... well now is my time to rise up and call you blessed - 'many women do noble things, but you surpass them all' 

i couldn't have got through so far so well without you. and i am so, so thankful.

with love,
bidshine, your daughter xxx


Toucan Scraps said...

welldone Alissa, and bravely shared.

Reyna said...

Moving. This will mean so much to her Alissa.

Vivian said...

Beautiful. I hope one day my son will feel that I too have done enough for him. Your mom sounds like a true Proverbs 31 woman.

Divina said...


Michael Hoskins said...

Very touching and beautiful letter to your mum, Alissa. Thank you for sharing that gratitude with all of us.

Debbie Young said...

Your mother has raised a very wonderful daughter. I have a seven year old and today is the fourth anniversary of her diagnosis with type 1. I want to be able to look her in the eye when she is grown up and know that I have done everything I could possibly do to ease her diabetes. If ever she writes a letter to me as you have done for your mother, I will be overjoyed.

The DL said...

This is beautiful. I hope one day I can make my child feel this way.

George said...

Very sweet letter!

Karen G said...

This is such a beautiful letter. Your mom sounds amazing . . . and so is her daughter!!